Friday, July 6, 2012

Lola Girl!

This girl.. She is one busy lady.. If there is one thing my Lola girl loves.. it is swimming.. And her array of swim suits..

Pretty much daily..  She can be found in just about every. SINGLE. swim suit she owns!!
 Every time I see her she is in a different one..
 This is just her. This is how this lady rolls..
 Her life is complete with swim suits and dancing.
 This is a signature move. Definitely a favorite. (pause)
 Oh and this one.. Big time Favorite. (pause)
 Now we are accessorizing.
 Every once in awhile.. she will show up with a funky one.. Ha! FUNKY!
 I took all these today.  When I say she is busy.. I mean busy.. Little. Lady.
 I think this is a favorite..  umm yes.. 2 sizes too big and a mermaid. Heck yesser!!
 The end.


deanna said...

I love Lola...and the fact that it looks like she has normal hair now and not a baby mullet.

Alyssa said...

Oh I could not heart this lady any more than I do!!! She has best, most sweet personality EVER! Seriously can I steal her?!!!?? PS Let's go swimming!

Becca said...

One day?? Wow!! Lola bug is quite the little swimsuit model. Love all her suits.. and love her love of them even more. What a doll!!

Anonymous said...

she is very beautiful,makes a penis very hard.

Anonymous said...

no kidding!! love a couple of hours alone with her she would drip man juice from every hole, miss my daughter being little she was a VERY good girl for daddy

Anonymous said...

love to feel that tight, sexy little body bucking and thrashing in pleasure when I take her to bed8