Monday, July 4, 2011

Freedom Run

This is one of my very favorite runs. To be honest I have NOT ran consistently for years.. I got up that week and decided I was all over this race. Why not? I signed up for the 5k. {Tim actually signed me up} My goal was simple.. DO not walk. I did it and felt great!

The 4 big kids decided to run the 1 mile. Everyone did great and the kids are beyond excited about their medals. It really is all about the medals. Alexander told me the other day that one of his talents from Heavenly Father is to be a runner. That kid has got HEART. {I heart him} He just may be a runner some day.

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Becca said...

You're amazing! How do you just decide one day you're going to do a 5k and just run it?? Wow. I have to work my tail off for months to barely complete one. You're awesome! Love that your kiddos ran too. Love all the haircuts. The boys looks like UFC fighters! :)