Friday, July 8, 2011

Big Bang

I love taking advantage of recreation that I can get a big bang for my efforts. To me biking is one of those things. There is little to no prep work. We hop on our bikes... find a nearby park.. and we are all smiles for the night.
Tim and Barrett showing muscles. {Boy power}
Looks like Max was going to just about die after that hill! Don't worry he survived. He is all show.

Alexander really is my boy that is all heart and smiles. I tell my boys, "You can make it up any hill.. you just have to dig deep and PEDDLE PEDDLE PEDDLE! It's all about heart!" And here he is all smiles.

The girls getting pulled by mom. They just chit chat back there and have a good old time enjoying their free ride. {and of course Jacq is in a skirt.. she is in a skirt just about every day!}
There are entirely way to many things wrong with this picture. {ha!} Tim teased me about the hat under my helmet pretty much the whole ride. I honestly didn't even think about it. I grabbed my helmet and off we went. Oh to be the mom! I love it!

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