Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bridal Veil

I love a visit up the Canyon. We had such a beautiful evening.

Believe me we stayed clear of this river. It was roaring. {scary roaring}

This was our Master Chief. He is a pro at the dutch oven stuff. It was yummy yum yum food. Thanks Rick and mom!

Maxie boy.. I didn't even ask how he ended up with two plates. {He was probably finishing off someones treat} Anyway, this picture makes me laugh. He loves to match. .. green shirt with green shorts. Makes me smile! Orange is by far his favorite. .. orange shirt with orange shorts. :)

The kids were obsessed with sticks.. fire.. BUGS.. and all things dirty..

Oh Barrett boy.. maybe one treat next time. :)
I heart Jacq's new haircut. I haven't touched it for days and it is still darling. She was as bad as the boys. She has some worm crawling all over her all night. GROSS!

I could write an entire separate post just about Lola and the water. She was in heaven. You name it and she did it. She was throwing rocks.. sitting in that freezing cold mountain water.. giggling like crazy.. I am telling you water heaven.

Thought I would throw in one more picture of the group. Thanks for the fun time Mom and Rick!


Becca said...

Never a spare or dull moment when Ma Deb and Papa Rick are in town.. that's for sure! There's nothing like being up the canyon. How fun. Luke and Lola are definitely the same breed-- he's a water boy too. We gotta get them together! Drooling over that dutch oven cooking.

Anonymous said...

love to be like the worm and be over her all night, feel that tight, sexy toddler body thrashing and bucking as I give her multiple orgasms