Sunday, October 10, 2010

*Winners can do whatever they want Chip!*

I am the first to admit.. I am not a crafty lady.. nope not one bit. . pretty sure I don't have one crafty lady bone in my body. Some days I wish.. and I really do put my best foot forward. For instance.. I took that cake decorating class so my kids could have very cute cakes for their birthday... On the other hand.. I don't really decorate my house. If you look in my house.. I am special.. I'm a very practical lady. I decorate (I don't know if you can call it decorate.. maybe a more appropriate term would be organize) my home based on NEED! I think to myself.. "Self.. what so I NEED to manage 5 kids the to the best of my abilities?" The games are up high.. the end tables are bare.. hardly anything on my walls.. I'm simple. Fluff? No fluff.
BUT .. You better believe that I love me a craft night.. really we call it a "craft night".. but sometimes it is a shopping night.. sometimes it is a *Ricky Bobbie* night.. sometimes it is .. just hanging out taking pictures. Mostly it is a catch up night.. a time to make memories..


Shake & Bake :) said...

Ahhh hahahaaa haaa....yes winners can! I love me a "craft night". We definately have a fun time! :)

PS "What is wrong with you?!
Chip, I'm all jacked up on Mountain Dew!"

Stephanie said...

You know when you put a hot momma bum shot in your craft night, you are having fun!! I want to go to one of your craft nights. I'm not crafty!

Becca said...

You two are seriously cute!! Sister time is the best. SO fun!!