Friday, October 15, 2010

Hair today ~ Gone tomorrow

Apparently this little stinker was tired of his long hair.. Wait I knew that.. he has been letting me know for about a month.. "I want to be bald like dad!" "When can I get a hair cut?" I love his beautiful Barrett hair.. so there was this little silent battle going on. Barrett so won. Barrett was doing himself an after school craft and couldn't see? Well that is his story.. so he cut his beautiful hair right off. I'm not going to lie.. I miss his beautiful hair.
Right after the snip snip.He isn't excited about his haircut or anything. Buzz cut
BARRETT! There are other ways to get attention. .. Let's not cut our beautiful hair next time.. ha ha..
*took these pictures off Auntie Nana's blog. Thanks Auntie Nana..


Becca said...

Oh wow! So sad for Mom.. but Barrett looks so pleased! :) I think he's adorable either way. I sure hate losing battles. Hope you're a better loser than I am! :)

Deanna said...

ohmygoodness that was such a funny moment...and couple days until he got the buzz cut