Monday, June 28, 2010

Good times

We had so much fun with Ma Deb in town.. GNO.. 7*peaks... icees.. Bike rides.. Library.. visits with Grandma and Grandpa.. but I would have to say that crusin' around Sundance was by far my favorite thing this trip. Just love how cool it feels and how gorgeous it is. I guess once a country girl always a country girl.
The other chair.. Our awesome chair.Our favorite Ma Deb..Maxie boy. Alexander.Crazy Barrett Boy.Jacqualynn~smackalynn~Wackalynn.Baby Lo!
Love spending time with these 7 people.


Deanna said...

I really love that lift...all year round.
And I love that Jacq wears that purple bow headband like every day

Becca said...

Love the pic of your mom!! So pretty. What fun adventures you have when she's in town and I love that she's here so often. Sundance sounded like a blast.