Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's my birthday!!

Or at least it was.. I wrote my story that day and it was a good one. This was probably the first year my kiddos really took an interest in someone other than themselves. They kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday and I kept saying.. ".. just good kids. .. Be the best kids you can be that day." They tried so hard and I have to admit that they were pretty darn good. I so love to be their mom!

Anyway.. back to my rockin'.. *it's my birthday day.* It started out with a visit and a little cake from Grandma and Grandpa Watson. Plus big smiles (or whatever you want to call them) from my favorite people!
Then we headed out on our first family of 7 bike ride. Since it was my birthday .. I .. the coolest mom .. got to treat everyone to slurpees!! Yay for bike rides.. YAY for slurpees!! I rock! I love my birthday!
Lastly.. Tim and I ditch our typical birthday dinner/shopping and headed up the mountain for our first adventure on mountain bikes.. I'm addicted. Loved every minute of riding. It was gorgeous up there and so so much fun.
I was double 3's this year.. Proud to say that I turned 33!!
Speed racer.. Can't wait for more biking adventures.
With my best friend!Love him.Love us!


Stephanie said...

Happy birthday! What a fun way to spend your birthday!!

MaDeb or Deb said...

Oh you two are way fun, cute and the greatest family ever!! I'm so glad you're birthday was so fun! I can't believe I'm the mother to a 33 year old. Just kidding... I love love having older kids because that makes me a grandma!! The happiest Ma Deb ever!!

Anonymous said...

love her sitting with her legs spread, I want to take off her little knickers and burymy face between her legs I bet she tastes amazing