Friday, June 25, 2010

Prettiest little girl

When preparing for the end of the semester piano recital Ms. Yvonne asked who wanted to be *Silly Sally*.. sure enough my Prettiest little girl had to stake claim to the part... Oh dear.. His dad just may have been a little bit mortified. You don't know this kid.. unless you know.. when he has his mind made up it is pretty dang difficult to change it. Love him.
Ms. Yvonne was such a good sport to let *Silly Sally* go up on stage and do her thing. We just love her and the piano academy.
I honestly think I was more nervous about Max's performance than he was. This kid has no fear. If he thinks it will get a laugh.. . he has all the confidence in the world. He just danced his little heart out to the end with his girly.. silly moves.. . Way to go *Silly Sally*

Now on to his solo pieces. I think he was still getting over the excitement of being Sally. He did well.. but he was flawless the couple weeks before recital.

He had an awesome support group this time around.. Ma deb, Aunt Jen, Aunt Lyss and Uncle Jon and some neighborhood besties. Thanks everyone for coming out!

Way to go Max on another awesome recital..

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MaDeb or Deb said...

Way to go Max!!! Everything from the recital piece to the dancing silly Sally was totally awesome and entertaining. I'm so glad I finally got a flight so I could see what a great little Pianist Doodles is becoming!! Love Him....