Thursday, April 23, 2009

St. Patricks day

Lots of excitement on Saint Patrick's day for everyone. Well almost everyone. Little lady is still waking up in the back. This boy woke up with a smile on his face wearing green.Oh and this cute boy. . .much cuter when he is awake. We (we as in the children) are sleeping on the floor with blankets in their underwear these days. . I have often asked myself why did we spend money on beds or pj's??A little green package puts a big smile on this lady's face.
Yay!! Fun for everyone!!Ha ha!! Max got a real big kick out of his new green shirt. The way the little stinker has been acting lately I got a real good kick out of it too!!!Happy day for a new post!! I'm not making any promises but hopefully I can post a few more here and there. :)


Becca said...

Finally!! I've been waiting for an update! Love the little green packages.. too cute. And love all the excited faces. I kinda wanna join in the underwear and floor sleeping fun. I'm starting to get way uncomfortable... sleeping on a bed or the floor.. sounds about the same to me! :) I'll call you tomorrow to see what fun your gang is up to.. maybe we'll join in!

deanna said...

St. Patrick's Day? Wasn't that like....well, I'm just glad you wrote a post. Lots of love & miss you

RHS said...

where'd you get that john deere shirt??? i need to get one of those for my nephew.

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm such a good little sis getting naked love to lay her down, wrap her legs over my shoulders and eat her p---y, love toddler sex