Monday, April 27, 2009


One big positive to having kids really close in age is that the three boys get to all be on the same soccer team this year. GO SHARKS!!! This mom loved every minute of that. Max went from "Flower picker" to one of the super scorer. It is amazing what difference one year can make.
This has to be the most I have seen Alexander hustle all year. ha ha. I think he was posing for my camera. Oh well he is super cute in his uniform and he sure loves those end of the game treats.
Barrett boy doing what he does best. . . standing. The ball could seriously be right in front of him and he would just look at it. :) He too is in it for the treats. Maybe next year he will be a mover. :)
Those treats I was telling you about. . . YUM!!


Holly said...

I just LOVE soccer! First year players are my absolute favorite!!!

Deanna said...

ohmigosh, tell them not to be so big anymore!

My Many Coloured Days said...

I'm with you on the close in age sport bonus! My boys are doing Tball together this year and it's WONDERFUL! Cute kids and love the personalities and growth.

Stephanie said...

What fun that they can all play together! We have Kai in t-ball for the first year and Brayden is playing his 5th year of ball, he's in kid pitch now. Saydria does gymnastics. My boys love getting their complimentary hot dog and drink after each game! It's so fun to watch little kids play in sports, huh? I know I'd be in it for the treats, too.