Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thanksgiving point.

 Thank you Alyssa! When Alyssa is around we know we will have pictures. I have been such a lazy record keeper this year. No pictures. No blogging. No nothing. I have lots of excuses, but really none of them are good enough. I am going to try to be better in 2013.
These cute girls at Thankgiving point.
 Lola and Best friend, Mom. (I love that we are best friends right now.)
 Brooke and Hailey.
 I want to believe that Lola is playing with Jax.. but I kinda thinka NOT.. 
I think she is playing with his toy. What a good cousin. :)
 Aunt Lyss and Jax.
 All of us together on the wagon ride.
We should play more. Let's do it!

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