Sunday, April 1, 2012

Conference 2012

This conference was amazing! It 100% spoke right to me. Right to my heart. Right to my needs. Even when i wasn't all the way engaged... words.. stories.. and thoughts would jump through the television and pulled me in.
Some highlights right from our living room..
Max. He is a funny guy! Bless his heart! Please bless him! Maybe bless hims heart twice! Don't worry he didn't pick favorites. Everyone got a fun face of their very own.

Alexander. Love my bundle full of energy. Taking notes was not his strength. I asked him his favorite part of conference. He said, "Mom I know Heavenly Father answers our prayers." Bless his heart. Oh my. Or bless mine. He went on to retell the story of the Father that prayed and prayed for his children when he thought they had died because they were stuck under their house. He prayed that if anyone of them were alive that he would know what to do to help them. Alexander said.. "Mom.. he heard his kids. (yes I wrote "kids" Tim. ha! ha!) He heard them crying and then singing. Heavenly Father heard the dad's prayer and helped him save his family." I'm not going to lie. I loved that moment. Love that he KNOWS Heavenly Father answers our prayers, because I KNOW he does too!!

Barrett. He got it. He totally got President Uchtdorf's message. "STOP IT!" He said, "Mom when I want to fight with my brother.. just STOP IT!!! Just STOP IT. I totally got that talk." YES! When it hit home for him he totally lite up. I maybe did an inside happy dance. I resisted the urge to act too excited or it would have totally ruined the moment and the message. Hardest thing to do ever!

Jacq. I am going to tell you a secret. This is the first time I have ever printed these fun conference packets. Best. Idea. Ever. The kids didn't color and do every one of the speakers, but the ones they did made it all worth it.. made me smile over an over again. They tried so hard to listen to every talk and take notes on the speakers they had space for. It was awesome! For instance look at Jacq's little message. "We forgive for others. Forgive. Do not hate. Be kind." There is a little space for them to "be better." love this. She wrote, "Play with Lola. Show love!" Awesome! And she did. Today for instance she played babies forever with her Sissy. That's love!

Since I pretty much talked about everyone I have to say a little something about our Lo*Bugga. She did great. She was quiet and listened. Maybe didn't listen, but for the most part did her thing. She played kitty.. and snuggled.. colored with the kids.. Great conference weekend for the Watsons!


MaDeb or Deb said...

I've tried to post a comment 3 times!! Maybe this time!!!!

I love your post about the kiddos and Conference. It just warms this Grandma's little heart to hear and read their comments about the different talks. What a blessing they are and you guys are in my life! Thanks for sharing your day!
Love and Miss you a bunch!!

Becca said...

That is seriously soooo awesome! I love that you recorded these special moments and experiences for your kids.. things they can go back to time and time again to recall and remember. One smart mama. How awesome. I felt like it was 100% for me too. :) So awesome. Thanks for sharing these special memories. Love ya!!