Friday, September 30, 2011

Max's Birthday Week

Love this kid! Max turned 9!! I can't believe I have a 9 year old. .. Right? What? Did I really just write that my babes turned 9!! I did. He is such a good boy. I heart just about everything about him. He is good natured. Little Max, Maxy Doodle, smelly cat... whatever we call him.. he is pretty amazing. Max is the one who takes care of others. He is a great example of how to love. How to live. And how to have a good time. That elephant remembers everything!! He just so happens to bring "funnies" up at the most opportune times. He is a great kid to have around! He is TO. DIE. FOR!

We started his birthday celebrations with a "Minute-to-win-it" themed birthday party the weekend before. It was wild. Crazy. And definitely an all boy celebrations. Good times for sure.

At the Watson house we start our "birthday day" out with the perfect breakfast {Max's choice}. Max's choice was our new "go to" pancakes... with Strawberries.. syrup.. whip cream and.. AND.. you can't forget the candles!! YUM!!

A birthday wouldn't be a birthday without a special trip to their classroom. Lola and I got to go to Max's 4th grade class and share ice cream. It couldn't be just any ice cream but Max requested Creamies. The boy knows what he likes!

This is me on Max's birthday.. "Max, what kind of cake would you like?" "Do you want to go to dinner?" "Do you want to go swimming?" "Trafalga?" "Anything?" Well.. this boy decided that he wanted to play night games with his best buddies and roast smores. Love it! Easiest.. most fun .. birthday day ever!!

Birthdays are a lot of work!! So worth it!! Love this kid to pieces. He's my babe!


dad said...

he is so easy going and tries so hard to make things easy on other folks (SOMETIMES). luv the bop

Becca said...

What a fun birthday for your big boy. I can't believe Max is 9 either. How do you have a 9 yr old?? Weird!! Love his ideas for his birthday.. love that he has his mind made up. I always love it when someone else has an idea.. because I always run out of them. Well, just sometimes.. unless they're crazy. :)

Love all your updates!! Love looking into your busy life.

Anonymous said...

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