Saturday, September 17, 2011


I wish I took more and more and more pictures! I always think that. I am getting to be a way lazy lady at documenting our adventures. Auntie came to town for a visit! It was a party!! It always is!! We headed to the canyon for a campfire dinner/smores. What a fun time!! Seriously love going to the canyon.. even in the rain! We love visitors at this house. The more the merrier. Come visit us any time. Our weekend with Auntie was full of adventure. Too bad my camera died! :( BOO! More pictures of our awesome time.. NEXT TIME!


Becca said...

What a fun time!! That's one of our fav places too. Love the pics you took. So funny. Totally captured your crazy fun. Visitors are awesome!

Anonymous said...

my favorite may have been how the boys L-O-V-E-D chopping wood. Who knew a hatchet and a dead tree were so much fun?

Anonymous said...

I know you have done more fun stuff since this (st george)... please blog it