Saturday, June 25, 2011

hiking the "G"

Hiking has kind of become "our thing" this summer. The big kids are old enough to actually hike without whining and Lo*bug just sits there lovin' her free ride. We get out of the house.. enjoy the beauty of Utah. .. get some exercise .. . everyone wins. We had a hard time finding the trail head for the "G".. so we hiked all over the mountain side. Eventually half the crew decided to head back. Tim {dead tired}, Lo {Free rider}, Jacq {focused on picking flowers}, Alexander {Searching for Indian arrowheads} and I {I wasn't going home until I found the top of the "G"} kept going. Finally we found the trail and braved it to the top. The kids were so disappointed that it was made of trash. Oh well.. still a beautiful hike and a very fun outing with the fam.

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