Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Birds and the bees

We did it! And we all survived, "the big talk." About a month ago we started talking to Max about a special date he would have where he got to learn about the most awesome.. most wonderful thing.. {birds and the bees} He was just sure it was a trip to Hawaii ... a new lego.. or something super amazing to an 8 year old.

Don't you worry I didn't go into this conversation blind. I used this resource which recommended this and both were an amazing guide for me. I would have stumbled through it horribly by myself and Tim didn't get super helpful until the end. Anyway.. I have to say that I am very grateful that we stumbled upon this book and we had this talk early. I love it that our family can talk about anything and I want the kids to feel like they can come to us about anything. A talk like this definitely opens up all the lines of communication. 8 years old really did seem like the perfect age for "the most wonderful thing" talk. I hope Max feels like he can talk to us about anything. There were some giggles.. (max) and some roaring laughter (Tim) but all in all it went great. I suppose I need to be gearing up for the next two "most wonderful thing" talks in 6 months.

Max choose Texas Roadhouse as his restaurant. {That's my boy} Love that place. We even convinced him to sit on the saddle. Then we headed to Barnes and Noble to chat in a little quieter environment. We ended the night miniature golfing the right way.. taking turns and keeping score {49~49~50). I need to talk to that score keeper {Tim}. I don't know how I came in one point behind everyone else. :) Great food ~ Great talk ~ Great fun!

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Deanna said...

I didn't have this conversation until I was 22 and it was with the Home Depot guy in the plumbing aisle (male/female pipe pieces).