Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to School

Every year I have a love/hate relationship with Back to School. About the middle of August we are definitely ready for something.. yep...ready for more structure. I'm not sure if I was ready for sending my kids back into the big bad world of grade school! Definitely NOT ready for my big kids to be gone all day long. Sniff! I know I wasn't ready for early mornings.. more reading.. . homework.. spelling tests... and PIANO! BOO! The first couple of weeks were a little rough for this mom.. now that we are starting to get into a good routine I am starting to adjust. Still miss them.. but winter break is right around the corner. :)
First day of school pictures. I can hardly believe how much these boys have grown since last year..Our big 3rd GraderAll Day school.. 1st grade and loving it!This one too..Our Jacq loves*loves*loves her PreK school.. Dancing.. Karate.. and singing.
Had to have the Twinkle toe shoes!
Choose the Right .. Love your Mom!


MaDeb or Deb said...

Oh you just made my day! I love love the pictures of the kids on their first day of school. Wow....they clean up nice! LOL.. Just kidding but they look pretty handsome with their hair combed so nice! I can't believe how fast time flies on by. It really seems like just yesterday that I got give them a pretend kiss and send them off to school. Love them and miss you all!

Lyss said...

Haha....Love the end comment :) Oh these pics are so cute but make me a little sad because they are all getting so big, so fast. Love your kids to death! PS Can't believe the boys let you do their hair!!!!! :)

Stephanie said...

Beautiful kids!