Sunday, March 14, 2010

Egg*cellent Adventure week 2

WOW! I think this lady is just NOT an egg eating lady! Today SCRAMBLED!
Just plain old SCRAMBLED!!
Scrambled with ketchup. . . . YUCK!Scrambled with Tabasco. . . YUCK . . .YUCK. . !!! *Tim's fav*Scrambled with Salsa. . YUCK! Scrambled with Cheese. . YUCK! *My kids fav*


Deanna said...

scrambled eggs with ketchup and toast...auntie nana's favorite!

Deanna said...

PS maybe try some creme brulee:

everybody loves dessert!

Lyss said...

Oh but scrambled eggs are so yummy! It's going to end up being the most random craziest egg you end up liking....I can just feel it. :)

Becca said...

Wow.. you went full on egg week 2! Yikes. Seriously though... I've never heard of anyone not liking scrambled eggs... esp with cheese!! I'm impressed with your willingness to try though. Maybe you are allergic?! :)