Monday, July 27, 2009

More Hiking?

Yes more HIKING!! These boys got up at 6 am again and hit the trail. I can not . . seriously . . CAN NOT wait to join them next year for their adventures. Love these cute boys. . . . . .and this goofy one . . Yes him shorts on backwards. Who's his mother??. . . and especially this one. . . he's my favorite. In fact, he called me "Jolly" the other night. Who calls the Big momma "Jolly"? I don't know what "Jolly" reminds you of. . .but for me. . Santa for sure. . . So what is Timmy really saying here?? Don't worry I still love him. Does it get more precious than this?? Makes this mommy heart happy. I love my boys.WOW. . I so must be pregnant. I am sure talking a lot about love??

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Deanna said...

who are these hairy kids? I'm not used to seeing them like this...I must have been gone for too long. Be back in 3 weeks! Save a hike for me.