Monday, July 27, 2009


I am becoming little Mrs. homemaker. Look at me here. . . Just call me Canner canner girl, because I can now. With the help of Alyssa. . . (sorry sissy. .)
and my mom. . . .I don't know how she looks so great at midnight, but she does. . .she's the mom. Oh and that is canner canner girl "thinking skinny. . ." . . . Cause we all know I really look like this. . . Big momma!!! Don't worry I'm loving it. There is a time and season and right now mine is to be a big momma for one last time. :) Back to canning. . . . apples. . yum. . this is Auntie Jo's famous recipe and it is amazing. Don't worry next week is peaches. Mom you coming back?? I so need your help!! :)


Sabine Berlin said...

So fun, do you think that peaches will be ready next week? I hope so. I need some more bottles of them, we are all out.

Stephanie said...

Look at that cute little tummy! Oh, you look soooo cute! Those apples look really yummy also!! Looks like a fun time with sisters and mom!

My Many Coloured Days said...

Those apples DO look good... are they for pie?

And you are teeny missy.

Brooke said...

WOW Sissy you look great... I love the picture with you and baby! Love you hope you are having a great day!