Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sea World

I think I am going to write. . . "I loved this day". . . Every day! Our Sea World highlights. . .

Tim's favorite part by far was the sting rays. He thought this was the BEST exhibit in the entire park. This particular sting ray had some serious personality! He was seriously trying to jump out of the water and join our family. It was good times. We started our day soakin' wet!
Shauna's favorite was the dolphin interaction. I had no idea that you could purchase a tray of fish for $6 . . . pet, feed, and interact with dolphins. Family fun for sure!Even with all this fun fun fun going on . . . . melt downs are bound to happen. Poor Sissy!
I really was not so excited about seeing Elmo on the big screen, but it was actually really cute and full of lots of surprises. Plus I had to post this pic of my boys. Love them! My boys are so freakin' brave. They wanted to go on anything and everything. While we waited in line they chanted. . "let's get soakin' wet!" And lucky us. .the first two rows! We got soakin' wet!


MaDeb or Deb said...

That looked like a really fun day! Petting the dolphins would have been my favorite! With your animals lovers I can just hear them now! Love Love love the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Deanna said...

Shauna! Did you cut your hair short?! I've been away too long.