Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pirate Power

I can't believe I almost let a season go by without documenting our little soccer player. Hello ME! Most of the time our little pirate could careless about where the ball is and who is kicking it. Heck half the time I don't know if he knows which goal is his. He is just real good at doing his own thing.

Every once in a while the ball happens to be in the perfect spot, with the perfect amount of space and this pirate gets in the perfect kick. Makes my mommy heart sing! Wahoo!
But most of the time we are just doing this. . . swinging our arms, lagging a half a soccer field behind all the action.
Ah. . .who cares?!?! Max is a good kid and tries his best. Let's be honest, if you ask him it's all about the half time treats . . . . . . . and the medal!He's a keeper. I'll watch him pick flowers!


Becca said...

Way to go Max! He looks so cute in that uniform! Love the action shots...nice photography mom! But I'm with Max.. life's about the treats! :) Oh.. that's why I'm not a fit girly like you!

Jen said...

I wouldn't believe it unless I'd seen it, but I have!! One of these days he is going to take after his competitive parents and it is all downhill from there ;)

J Glazier said...

Goooo Pirates! Thanks for picking up our medal and for a great soccer season.

Brooke said...

WooHoo Go Max you are the best soccor player.. I think you need to teach auntie soccor.. Hehehe

Stephanie said...

Whoa Max, that is a really cool medal. Can you win me one?