Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Bear Hug

This evening we attended a little open house at Max's School. It was darling. Treats. Santa. Caroling. Crafts. They asked the students to participate in a little service project were they earned money and purchased a bear to donate. It looked like 100 bears of all shapes and sizes under their little tree. I have been trying to rack my brain for a service project that we could do as a little family. I am coming up empty. Any ideas? I want to teach my children the value of service, but I want them to be able to participate and not watch Tim and I do it all. HELP!


My Many Coloured Days said...

For several years we have done bell ringing for the salvation army. The kids love dressing up, wearing santa hats and making a bunch of our own bells to ring too. We seem to get so many more donations because, well, kids are pretty darn cute! This year we will be in the mall- so we'll even get to stay warm!

kami @ said...
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kami @ said...

I too am trying to figure something out that is good for everyone.

P.S. That pic is darling of little Max.

Amy said...

I'll be watching for any good service ideas that you come up with. Maybe donating your kids old toys to children or the church nursery. They could go through their stuff and decide. I dunno.

But You have been tagged. Go to my blog for details.

Dana and ohana said...

A few years ago Jatden began "Jayden's Jackets." At the begining of each school year she has asked each child in her school to donate one jacket(new or in condition used) that they have outgrown to her program and then we have had them cleaned and distributed to shelters in the Portland area about mid- Novemeber. She does the same thing in the Spring on a smaller scale but still recieves lots of donations.

Braley started "Braley's Books" recently and did the same and asked everyone to donate one favortie new or used book to her cause. She donated all her books to our Children's Hospital.

They take a little time to organize but they really do take on a life of their own. And the ladies LOVE IT! Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

As pretty as Shauna is she should donate kisses to the needy (timmy). That would be the best service I can come up with.