Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First Day of School

Max was just sure that switching schools was going to be the end of him. He had convinced himself that he wouldn't survive without his preschool teacher and friends from last year. Poor Max has been dreading changing schools all summer long. He just wasn't going to like his new kindergarten no matter what. Surprise! Surprise! Max can't get enough! He loves his teacher and is making new friends everyday. Max thinks it is so fun that they get to switch classrooms every day. Some days he is in Art ~ other days it is cooking ~ Music ~ Science ~ everyday is a new adventure.

These two boys couldn't get into their classroom fast enough. Alexander and Barrett are thinking all this Preschool business is a lot of fun! They have already started asking if they can go back tomorrow. No big tears or cries for mom ~ just big smiles and good-bye ~ see you later.

And now 3 days a week it's just me and Crazy Lady. What will we ever do with ourselves? Maybe shopping. . . .maybe park.. . maybe potty training. . . of course nails. . .and hair. . .just good old fashion girl time. I've said it before ~ and I'm sure I'll say it again ~ but I just can't resist . . . . "Stop growing up!"


Amy said...

Your school sounds great! I hope Cambria loves it that much when she starts next year! Max looks very handsome by the way!

Deanna said...

School is cool!

Becca said...

Those are some stylin' kiddos!! I love them! Looks like they were pretty pumped! And now some quality time for the girls.. I love it! :)