Sunday, July 15, 2007

Child Safe Swimming

Child Safe Swimming to the rescue! This summer Tim and I realized how much our children love the water. They are fish and aren't happy unless their heads are permanently under the water. I was constantly being chastised for trying to save what looked like drowning children(from them). After all they were swimming. Tim and I thought it would be a wise to enroll them in a 'Child Safe Swimming' program. After looking at these pictures it almost seems like an oxymoron saying 'Child Safe Swimming.' Who let's their children swim in clothes? I didn't once question Teacher Pam's suggestion to have a swim lesson with the children's clothes on, but I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say that my mind did wonder how swimming in clothes was safe? The two seem to contradict each other. To my surprise swimming lessons and the swimming with clothes on seem to be a great experience. My four little ones practiced some practical life saving techniques. I'm not sure that if they fell into a rapid river in the pitch dark they could rescue themselves let alone if the slipped into a public pool. .. . but the lessons were great, teacher Pam was patient and intuitive to their needs and I feel that the Watson's are headed in the right direction when it come to water safety. Swim on little fishes. .

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