Thursday, August 22, 2013

$2 Tuesdays

Thanksgiving point is a blast! We decided to meet up for $2 Tuesdays. I am pretty sure sissy set it up because she thought I would break down on the first day of school.. but this year the firsts day of school was filled with lots of Hells to the yeah! Anyway - it was still an all around awesome day. Sometimes I wonder why I bring my camera to places like these.. or the zoo.. or anything where for the majority of the time I am looking a the backside of these kids. 
 See what I mean.
 More backside.
It is so worth it when I do get an awesome picture. Like this one of my horse loving girl. So brave!
 Or to capture this guy when he is just totally done. 
He was loving it for awhile. See ... all smiles. 
We loved on the horses.
And cows.
Road the wagon! 
 together but not like on each others laps.
 We played with ducks.
 All of us. 
 Even with food (Thanks Aunt Lyss). She thinks of everything. 
Too much fun with these people.
 It wouldn't be an outing without Aunt Lyss suckers.
 The next day this girl got all ready for the day and said, 
"OK Mom.. I'm all ready to go to the farm!!" She is for sure a farm girl in her heart.