Saturday, December 29, 2012


We have started skiing!! Yeah!! It finally snowed in Utah! We waited and waited for that fluffy white stuff to come. We even had a white Christmas. The children are more fearless this year than last. We have been having a very fun time up at Sundance. We even got Lo*Bug up there once. 
Barrett Crashed Big time. Alexander has to spray him and tease a little. Boys will be boys!
 Maxie boy! He is just so cool these days. He had to do a "Black" right away. I don't know why.. maybe to see if he could still do it. Check.. he can. :)
 Alexander.. posing for mom. 
 Dad and Twinners. I would love to be an icicle on their chair ride. 
 GO Max!
 Two thumbs up from Mom! I love being up at Sundance. It is a good time for me to have a mommy break while I am still being a mom. :) I always feel refreshed and ready to tackle my crazy world after a few hours up in the mountains. Happy Place for me for sure.
 If you can't find me or the children.. hopefully we are at the mountain.. 


MaDeb or Deb said...

I love all your pictures! I love even more that you ski together as a family! Oh what great memories you are creating for your kiddos and yourselves! I'm so itching to get up to the mountain! Next year for sure! Thanks fort sharing! Love ya all

Alyssa said...

That is totally your happy place sisser! :) Love it! And love that you guys have groomed such awesome little skiers! What a fun family activity to keep your family close for years and years to come. :) (PS LOVE Max's coat! so cute!)

Alyssa said...

PS I still remember skiing with you, Barrett and Xander and them yelling up the mountain, "Aunt Lyss, you are sooooo slow, do french fries not pizza!". Pretty sure they were kicking this green run lover's butt when they 6. Haha or maybe even younger! ;) Love those boys!!!

Joseph Barrettt\ said...

I got to figure out a way to go ski with you guys! I love Utah snow... it's the reason I stopped skiing in Washington; land of the world's WORST SNOW!!! FAP