Sunday, September 23, 2012

Max's Birthday

I can be such a party pooper. When Max asked if he could have a birthday party I had to think twice. I love the planning. Love it. Look at this. It's fun. I get to take an idea and try to think of something simple but fun/special just for my boy.

It was really much cooler than these pictures. Everybody loves treats. :)
We decided on Dodge ball and Avengers. Boys have so much energy. When they get together you can pretty much triple it. They are all so excited to be together it just feels like a mad house. (That's the part I don't love so much). I thought dodge ball would be a good idea to burn some of that never ending boy energy. It was..
It looked like everyone was having fun!
Birthday boy!
Barrett choose to sit this one out.. It's good because friends started to drop out left and right.
Even our dad go into it..
It was a pretty short couple of dodge ball games because WOW some of those more athletic boys are aggressive and like to put the smack down.
Movie time. My Lola babes!
Party hardy Alexander.
I shouldn't be negative. It really did turn out awesome and everyone seemed to have a good time. (It was just really really wild!!)
Present time. Max has very generous friends. He really is such a good boy. He attracts good people. Max ended up having such an amazing time surrounded by his bestest friends = all worth it.
Happy Birthday Max! We love you!

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Alyssa said...

The party looks like it turned out so cute, I mean cool!!! It also looks way fun! :) Happy birthday Maxer!!! You are the best, kid! :)