Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Little Graduate!

Jacq had a great year in kindergarten. She L*O*V*E.. loved her teacher.. Ms. Cynthie. No matter what Ms. Cynthie said it was law at this house.. No matter who or what someone else might have taught Jacq.. it was Ms. Cynthie. {wish I carried that much weight} She adored her teacher. Center Stage was the perfect place for Jacq this year..

This is girlfriend breaking her karate board , "It was so easy mom!" My favorite part of the karate presentation every single time is when the kids all shout, "I know how to fight, but I choose not to!" and "Yes ma'am!" So stinkin' cute!

Who knew?? When Jacq grows up she wants to "be a ballerina." She is all girl right to her core.. lucky me. I mean look at that face.. she is going places. :)

Kindergarten graduation is funny. Who graduates from kindergarten? I have to admit.. I loved the program.. I love the kung fu panda karate routine.. Singing.. dancing.. the little caps and gowns. .. I loved being apart of it... but.. it's still kind of funny..

What makes my girl happy ~ makes her momma happy.

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Becca said...

Yay for Jacq. What an awesome place for her to go! Looks like she thrived. Where is she going next year? Hard to top that year!!