Saturday, February 12, 2011

Birthday Boys!!

We don't do birth *days* at our house.. it is more like birth *weeks* and I love every minute of it!!
Here is our 2nd born .. {he he} Alexander (age 7). Alexander has a very playful personality.. He is loads of fun to be around.. If Alexander is in the room you will know it. There is never a dull moment with this kid. He has the most contagious smile. Friend, is a friend to everyone. He is friends with every stranger on the mountain (screams hello to everyone ~ that's his deal) to the sixth grade girls chasing him at recess. He also has a very sensitive side. He has been saying the most thoughtful prayers. He thinks of everyone that might be in need. No one is excluded .. even 'old Grandpa" in heaven. Big personality ~ Big heart!

Barrett boy * third born {he he} (age 7) Love Love Love this boy!! He is one amazing kid! I can not say enough things about our Barrett Boy. When you are Barrett's bud ~ You are buds for lifers. Barrett will learn what you like.. what you don't .. get your phone number.. plan some fun play dates. On the other hand if you get on his bad side. Oh wowser.. you watch out. He holds a grudge like only his momma knows how. Barrett is smart.. persistent. .. and finds ways to get what he wants. This boy loves him some electronics. If I left him alone with a computer.. dsi.. or wii he would be in his very own Barrett Heaven. Barrett is such a good helper and so tender with our Lola baby. Always there to be a good friend to her. Love this boy!

Love it that these two love being "twins" so much! I could not .. COULD NOT imagine life without each one of them. Happy Birthday Alexander and Barrett!

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