Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July

We had a very low key 4th of July. We played at the annual neighborhood party/parade... This "race" is a highlight for my kids every year. Love it how the Parade turns into a "race"...ha ha.. every year. I hear.. "I got 4th.. I got...6th.. whatever.. too funny!On the actually fourth we had some of our favorite friends over for food, fireworks and fun!
The kids were very funny all lined up in their very own lawn chairs... clapping and smiling away at all the fireworks... right there in the middle of the day.
Can't forget about our Lola girl.. . everyone loves Lola. Happy 4th everyone. So grateful for our freedoms. May God bless America!

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Becca said...

Love the outfits.. bikes.. lawn chairs.. love everything about your cute little family.