Sunday, November 1, 2009

First Bath

I don't know if this shows you how little our Lola is or how big our baby bathtub is. . . either way here is a picture of our Lola's first bath. She didn't like it. . . NOPE. . . not one bit..
I love this one. Yes I am one of those mothers. While my baby cries ~ I snap a picture or two. How cute are her little feet?
She says get me outta here. . .
And so I did. I wish I had a picture of her all cozy warm, but it was a wild morning. You know the kind were I ask myself do I have enough time to shower. . . .ewwww. . did I just write that??? Don't worry I did . . . I showered. I put the big kids in front of Netflix "watch instantly" and hustled through my morning. We were off to the doctors office where we learned that Lola isn't even on the charts. Not on the charts in a bad way. Girlfriend was in the 1%. So we have been visiting the doctors office daily. Who has time for that?? I guess we do. Happy Preterm Baby for us. We still love her and wouldn't trade her for the world, but now we are on a quest to fatten her up.


Becca said...

Okay.. she is crazy tiny! Luke has the same bathtub and so I can completely "get" how tiny she is... oh my goodness!!! Love her crying pics. :) She's too cute. I would've done the same thing.

Sorry about the daily doc thing. Wow. Is she eating good? Poor little girly... hope she fattens up soon!

Anonymous said...

let me clean her p---y with my tongue she will LOVE bath time then

Anonymous said...

if you are going to lift the legs baby girl spread them too so we can see that lovely bald c--t, I love wanking looking at a baby's sweet c--t