Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Day.

Christmas day at our house is a lounging day. . . ALL day long. We just eat and eat and eat . . ALL day long. Hang out in out PJ's . . .ALL day long. Open presents. . ALL day long. Enjoy our family . . . ALL day long. I am sure you get the picture. . . a whole lot of nothing takes place . . .ALL day long. And we LOVE it . . .ALL day long.
Jacq. This girl was loving every minute of Christmas. She took her time opening her gifts and managed to play for a minute or two before brothers were stacking her gifts pushing her to open more. This lady would have been happy with a couple of bracelets and chap stick. She got a whole bundle of chap stick and sleeps evey one of them every night. Barrett Boy. Love this boy. He is all smiles until something seems unfair. Barrett had a couple mom/dad moments loving moments. During one point in the day I saw him all by himself in the corner silently pouting. He was just sure that he didn't get as many gifts as everyone else. Really he just needed some extra mommy love and he was all smiles. Alexander. He is all smiles and doesn't hesitate to cheese it up for my camera. Don't you just love that nose crinkle? I think this kid has mini star wars figures running around in his head working overtime. Not only did he get plenty of those, which were way cool, but he got these fun Mag forms that have kept him and his siblings busy for hours. These Mag form things play star wars, castle, lego, play dough. Really the Mag forms play with everything. Sometimes Santa has to stretch his brain to find a winner. WINNER!Max just knew Santa was real when he woke up and Santa brought our family a wii with a few of his favorite games. He has been asking for a wii for over a year. This mom has been fighting it off and finally caved and let Santa drop one off. Merry Merry Christmas Christmas for Max!This cute couple was so fun to have around. It was fun watching them open their gifts to each other. They set a ten dollar limit and stuck to it. Their creativity really had to set in and it was sure fun to watch.
Auntie Nana, Grandma and Grandpa Watson made a quick stop in the morning, bringing Merry Christmas Greetings and too many presents. Thanks for everything. Sorry I missed a pic of Grandma and Grandpa Watson. I am so fired!!

These two are real troopers. After working long hours they drove down from Park City on Christmas Eve and then again on Christmas Day. Love them and their sacrifice to be with us during the holidays. Oh it's me again. LOL. . the only pic I could find of me on Christmas. I had to get some time in with my Wall-e dog. He just loves the snow and can never get enough attention. We could play with him every day and he'd want MORE!Our dad is such a good sport. Reindeer Jammies and all. I just love him more and more and more everyday! He is happy when his family is happy. Love you Timmers!Our out of town visitors. YEAH! What a treat for all of us. How much fun for us to have them with us this year.
Thank you to everyone that spent this holiday with us either by stopping by, through text, phone calls, Christmas cards, sending gifts, you get the picture and you know who you are. :) We are just so blessed to be surrounded by great friends and family. Thank you * thank you* and * Merry *Merry!


Jaimee said...

Amen to pj's all day..I even wore mine till the next day--couldn't bare to end it! I'm glad you had a great Christmas and hope your new year is full of happiness and fun times...O and we have a chapstick fanatic in our family too except it's our not even 2 yr old boy -- he is addicted to it!

Anonymous said...

Cute Christmas pics!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. I love the socks and the boots picture! I miss you guys!