Thursday, July 3, 2008

Utah 2008

The blog you've been waiting for. . . Well. . the blog some of you have been waiting for. I L*O*V*E a family trip and this one was packed full of fun, food, and good times. We are doing favorites this year and massive picture overload. Enjoy!
He is a simple guy with simple needs. A BBQ in the canyon with a surprise water fight would win over his heart anytime. The water fight was top on my list as well. I'm not usually a get in and get wet kind of girl, but I got land blasted and was ready for war. 100's of pictures and not a one of Tim. . . .but lots of others. . . Shauna Reading time. Yes it's true. Love quite kids begging for just one more story and after a long day seven quiet kids begging for just one more story was right up my alley.Max
It couldn't be . . wouldn't be . . .anything other than a visit from Captain Jack! I mean how cool is that??!??! A treasure hunt and everything when cousins are in town!! Thanks Captain Jack!


Alexanders favorite thing in the whole wide world is to be spoiled by his Uncle Ross and with a trip to Park City this kid was in Heaven. . . .shoulder rides, water balloon fights, and yummy yum food.
Barrett Boy
His favorite would definitely be Baby Haily! But since I can't manage to find a single picture of the two I think a close second would be Race day and the parade. He ran his little heart out. Besides that what kids doesn't like more candy than he can shovel?! Yes I do believe it was a hit!

Jacqualynn Grace

This little lady isn't happy unless she is in a swimsuit and up to her ears in water. More Water. . more water. . .more water. . .Pretty sure that she eats, sleeps, and drinks water. . water. . water.

Thanks everyone for making it a GREAT trip!


MaDeb or Deb said...

Your blog was so worth waiting for! It's great, so organized and so cute. Just looking at all your pictures brings a big smile with so many memories in my head and heart. It was truly a memorable trip of all trips for me. It doesn't get much better than all your kids and grand kids in one spot. Although we really missed Jason and Papa Rick. Next time!!! Love Ya all!~!

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a fun time with all the kids and family there, what a fun filled trip! Looks like you are quite the story-teller, you ought to sign up at your local library and volunteer to read! I can tell from the expression on your face that you were getting into the story!

Anonymous said...

You are so ridiculously creative. Love the post. Thanks for being the best hostess ever, you are amazing. Want to come design my blog posts for a while? :) I feel really good about that.

Alex and Jessica and kids said...

Love all the pics they are just fabulous. How fun for your family.