Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

It is official I have put in a request to "Super Ma Deb" for mini me aprons. When they arrive in the mail the kids are going to beg for cooking every day. This was not my favorite cooking, but the kids had a real good time making their very own creations. I had to come up with it on the fly. We went grocery shopping and the kids first question was, "Do we have the ingredients for our cooking!" I was scrambling "our cooking??" Apparently this is becoming a part of our weekly routine. If you have any fun cooking with kids Ideas, I'd love them. This boy is one happy boy. He calls the pizza his master piece.
Even though 100% of the time these twinners are big big trouble I know that they really try hard to be good boys. Aren't they cute?Yep ~ It's good! I'll take two!
Barrett Boy is still trying to figure out how to eat his pizza. Eventually he (as well as the other kiddies) just picked all the fruit off the top. That made for one happy mom. I loved throwing out the cookie/nasty frosting. I know people in Africa are starving, but I didn't think twice.Yummy Yummy Yummy!


MaDeb or Deb said...

What a super fun blog!!! Those twiners are so cute and look just like "picture perfect kiddos".. Are you sure they're trouble??? Max is loving his little creation and Jacq knew exactly what to do with hers! I bet they were all in heaven since I think that little snack stretched the "Lifestyle"! I want to come hang out at your house...I'll even bring aprons!!! Love you all and miss you a ton!!!

Stephanie said...

Yummy pizzas! We need to do those again sometime! It makes it feel more like summer! Your girls night in sounded like a fun time. Just imagine when they get older, we get to take turns giving pedicures!

Alyssa said...

OKay those pizzas look way yummy! Is that clean eating because I really want the whole pizza, not just the fruit on top. You are such a cute and creative mom, your kids are going to love these memories for a long long time!