Thursday, March 29, 2007

5 More Minutes

There are two things in motherhood that make my skin crawl and my head ache. . . . . whinning/crying children and the constant battle over sleep. I wish for my children to get the appropriate amount of sleep so they will be happy and enjoyable children. They insist that they require the bare mininum and therefore there is a constant battle over sleep at the Watson house. I think there is a strong correlation between the two. . . . . Lack of sleep = fussy whinny children. These pictures make me laugh. "The battle" was less than usual, Alexander and Barrett actually took a nap. :) I usually wake them up by 4pm so that they will be tired and ready for their 8pm bedtime. . . 4p.m. rolled around and they were still sleeping. . . . 5pm . . still sleeping. . . 5:30pm. . . still sleeping. . .finally I knew they would never sleep at night if they didn't get up ASAP. Instead of waking up with smiley little faces they both insisted in hiding their heads and begging for more sleep. More sleep? Where were the twins? I thought aliens stole them and put new children in their beds. It was so cute to watch them for 30 minutes beg to sleep and try to hide their eyes. I wonder if it will be as cute when they are 14 years old and then asking to stay in bed for '5 more minutes'. I'll tell you when it happens.

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Becca said...

Maybe I need to bring Mylie over to learn from the twins and hope that she'll start begging for more sleep! :)